Joyce Adams So


I was born in Hong Kong, and was raised in Los Angeles since the age of four. I definitely consider this city my hometown, and find it a blessing to be exposed to so many fashion styles, cuisines, décor and cultures. I'll be attending college this fall (2015), and currently I'm not exactly sure where I'm going! What I do know, however, is that I love LA and could not imagine leaving when I still have so many things to do. My hope is that this blog will keep me motivated to go out, dine, see and experience all of LA's beauty and wonders! 

I'm here to dispel all those weird stereotypes about LA and Southern California. You may think we're all weird hippies who go to the beach and surf all day long (not really.. the water is pretty gross). LA really is so much more than the beach, Disneyland and insane traffic! 

For my readers, my primary goal is to create fresh and exciting content of my experiences. I hope you enjoy reading my posts, as much as I enjoy writing them! 


instagram: @joyceadamz