twelve questions the rest of the country has for los angeles

Hey guys! After taking a much needed hiatus, I'm back! April was a crazy, emotion-filled month, so I want to jump back into things with a fun, light-hearted post. I found this post on BuzzFeed that has a dozen questions out-of-towners have for us LA inhabitants. Many of the questions are exactly the stereotypes that inspired this blog. 

1. Do you guys surf 24/7, 365? And, if not, why?
Definitely not... most of us don't even go to the beach. I do know a handful of people who enjoy surfing; however, personally, I find the whole thing such an ordeal. Waking up early, lugging a surfboard, dealing with the crowds, the cold water, wipeouts and sand up my *parts*. Not exactly my idea of a fun time. Plus, the water is pretty icky and polluted and has more of a '50 shades of gray' vibe than luscious, blue waves. 

2. Do you guys ever stop working out?
I've never worked out a day in my life. 

3. Do people ever hang out downtown? Or is it purely decorative?
Hm, I live in West L.A. and would have to say that a lot of us don't really venture downtown. I'm making a really big effort to explore it, though, since I'll be moving to New Orleans in the fall! As for whether of not DTLA is purely decorative... I don't really think so. It's a bit trashy, but there are a bunch of hidden gems.

4. How many of you survive on juice alone? And what does it cleanse?
The juice cleanse trend is real. I'm not really sure why people splurge $14 for a pressed concoction, but they do.

5. Is the traffic really that bad? If a spaceship can get to where it needs to go, traffic can't be as bad as people say, right?
Whenever I travel, I'm always soooo surprised how quickly it takes to get somewhere! The traffic is bad. I give myself at least 30 minutes to get somewhere. Always. It's definitely something you learn to deal with! 

6. How many of your neighbors are celebrities?
A variation of this question is always the first thing people ask me when I'm traveling. While none of my neighbors are celebrities, I do see them on a frequent basis, but it's really not a big deal. I go to a school where a lot of kids have famous parents, I see celebrities when I'm out at popular shopping places. Today, one of my friends saw Hilary Duff on Melrose and another friend rung up Jhene Aiko at work. It's cool.

7. How do you get any work done? Don't you spend all of your time outside fist pumping that beautiful sun?
I have to admit that I spend a majority of my time indoors and watching Netflix. However, I am making a big point this summer to spend more time outdoors. I definitely do take the weather for granted. 

8. What does the red carpet feel like? It's really soft, right? Like a baby bunny?
It's a carpet.. 

9. Do you actually consider 60 degrees 'cold'?
100%. Looking out the window right now, it looks pretty gloomy and I'm guessing it's like 63-ish. Definitely a sweater, jeans and boots kind of day and I'm not looking forward to it.

10. Where do you get your Christmas trees from?
So the picture that accompanied this question in the BuzzFeed post had like palm trees adorned with Christmas decorations.. I would have to say that's not the case! Haha, we have our Douglas Firs just like everyone else. There are forests in California. In fact, we also have mountains for skiing during the winter and lakes that freeze over. I think it's a very common misconception that LA is made up entirely of the beach. Hello.. there's the Angeles National Forest. 

11. Are you always poolside or do you stock up on #tbt pics?

12. And do you ever get overwhelmed by the size of this town?
I'm pretty used to it. I love how everything is sprawled out, because it makes each of the individual neighborhoods feel special and unique. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of huge cities where everything is crammed together, crazy and chaotic. LA is large, but it's definitely a lot more chill and laid back. If you have the chance, I highly recommend making your way to the west coast, best coast! 



fresher than a motherf*cker: fresh corn grill

When I was nine years old, Fresh Corn Grill opened its first location on Ohio and Westwood Blvd. My mom used to work nearby, so I was one of the first customers to check this place out. I fell in love with the food, and for an entire summer I ordered penne pasta with cheese every single day. 

A few months ago, I learned that Fresh Corn was opening up a new (and bigger) location just a bit further down on Westwood. Their old spot was always jam-packed, super crowded and far from intimate. This new place is huge and beautiful, plus you don't have to worry about a stranger elbowing you while you're eating. At night, this place got pretty dark, but I actually prefer the mood-lighting and ambiance. Just like the old location, you still walk up to the counter and order your food. It's convenient and easy; they bring the food to your table, so you don't have to wait around for a check. I also love the fact that they have valet parking ($2), as it can be extremely difficult to find parking in Westwood.  

The ingredients are always fresh, healthy, loaded with vegetables, and very filling. The first thing we ordered was the chicken vegetable bowl, which is chicken that sits atop corn and a medley of other vegetables. It comes with an option of ginger curry or teriyaki dressing (we chose both). We also got the taco bowl: chicken, lettuce, beans,  guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa verde and cheese. It wasn't the best meal I've ever had, but it also didn't disappoint. 

Here are a few other things I recommend from their menu:

Caprese Pasta
Grilled Vegetable Pasta
Cajun Shrimp Pizza




{Chicken Taco Bowl}

{The Chicken Vegetable Bowl}


feeling s(c)entimetal

It's really weird how scents can evoke so many memories. Maybe it's the smell of sunscreen that transports you back to a particularly great summer, or maybe the fragrance of a passerby's cologne reminds you of a previous crush. 

For me? Anytime someone strikes a match I automatically think of birthdays. And there's a certain hand soap that always makes me think of kindergarten (how's that for a throwback!). Probably the most bizarre case of scents bringing back a nostalgic moment? Ritz Crackers. On the rare occasion that I catch a sniff (and I'm pretty sure they hardly even have a scent...) of those round and buttery crackers I think about shaving my legs in 7th grade and reading Gossip Girl. Weird, right? This one sort of has an explanation: Often, after coming home from school, I would prepare a snack (usually cheese and crackers), take a bubble bath and read a book.

Since scents have this crazy way of transporting me back to happy moments, I love choosing a different one every few months. Over the summer I religiously used Bath & Body Works' Japanese Cherry Blossom. During the fall, I used it once on a whim and immediately I was hit with all of these memories of pool parties and barbecues. A few weeks back, I sprayed Victoria Secret's Love Spell Body Spray, which brought back really great memories of last spring. That's when I decided that for an upcoming trip, I should choose a new shower gel. For three days in Santa Barbara, I only used Deep Steep's Argan Oil Body Wash in Sugar Plum. It's a really distinct, sweet, and wintery scent. Now when I use it, the scent brings me right back to that trip and taking bubble baths, going to the beach and the beautiful Santa Barbara rain.

For the spring, I selected a light and airy lavender honey body wash. I can't wait to make new memories, and in a few months take a trip down memory lane. I think that picking out a new fragrance for a special occasion or season can be really fun. Just think about the nostalgic moment that can come from it. Perfumes can be a costly investment, so opt for something inexpensive, like a shower gel. (Tip: layer with body sprays, lotion or body butter for a more long-lasting effect.) 


A few s(c)entiments: 


This past month of writing on this blog has been so fun, and I can't wait to share even more cool and exciting things with you. Today, I want to introduce a new series on my blog: "Posted." I hate rules and strict guidelines, so I'm not exactly sure how these are gonna work, but we'll figure it out on the way! What I do know, however, is that I'm constantly stumbling across music, photographs, websites, etc that I love to share with my friends. Why not share these same things with my readers? 

I also want to use this series as a way to keep you guys up-to-date on things that may not necessarily have to do with my other, more specific posts. Essentially, this series is just me curating random, cool shit... and sharing it. 

1.  Last Thursday, my boyfriend, Leven, dropped a new song! This was pretty exciting, considering he's been working on this project for a very long time. This track is super fun(ky) -- it's the perfect spring break jam. Careful... it's really catchy. 

Listen to C.W.Y.B. (Chillin With Yo B*tch) here

2. I'm confident that I'll be reppin' my city forever.  A USC duo filmed a bunch of landmarks (all in one day) and made a beautiful, well-done video, which is the perfect love letter to Los Angeles. From the makers: "we wanted to show everyone that it's [LA] isn't all about traffic and smog." 

3. One of my favorite radio shows to listen to is The Breakfast Club based in New York. They usually interview hip-hop celebrities like Big Sean (my favorite!), Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West. I was very surprised and taken aback when I saw that they taped a segment with Larry King. This interview was incredibly interesting and I learned so much about him. I had no idea that he's interviewed everyone from Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, and Frank Sinatra to Snoop Dogg and Chris Brown. He's done over 60,000 interviews with some of the world's most famous religious leaders, activists, celebrities, as well as  seven presidents! He's funny and sharp (especially for his age, he's 81!). It was actually really cool to hear him speak with humor and wisdom on topics, such as racism and God, on such a contemporary radio show. 

Watch him in this hilarious interview here

4. A snapshot of my beautiful (and sweet) Valentine's Day surprise (prior to the tire explosion, which I mention in my other post (here):


{Kate Spade: Cobble Hill Mini Carson}

5. And lastly? This past Sunday was my birthday, and I went out to the best birthday brunch at a restaurant that I had never been to before. Here's a short, sneak peek of an upcoming post! 

Thanks for reading! Also, let me know what you guys think of this series. I would love to hear your feedback.


milo & olive


While looking through some old pictures, I came across these images from a meal I had a few months back at Milo & Olive in Santa Monica. I've been here for lunch a few times and it is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat with some girlfriends. Though primarily known for their pizza, Milo & Olive offers a variety of other items on their menu as well. Personally, I don't eat red meat, so whenever I see chicken or turkey substitutes I get really excited. I ordered the spaghetti, which comes with meatballs made of free range chicken and parmesan. Often times I skip dessert; however, since Milo & Olive is a bakery, I decided to indulge in a sweet little treat. The apple tart is absolutely amazing - the outside is crisp and crunchy, and the inside is fluffy and soft. The apples in the inside are so refreshing, sweet and cinnamon-y. Since the pastry comes warmed, the vanilla ice cream melts perfectly on top. Absolutely delicious! 

One unique feature about this place is their communal seating. It can be kinda awkward sitting at the same table as strangers, but once in awhile you might encounter some cool, new people. This restaurant is tiny, so there are a lot of people jam-packed in a small space. 

Other items I recommend:
Garlic knots (loaded with olive oil & sea salt!)
Mixed mushroom pizza (fontina, val d'aosta, thyme, lemon zest, parmigiano reggiano)
Pizza w/ roasted potato (scalloped potato with rosemary cream, parmigiano reggiano)
Fresh squeezed lemonade (so refreshing!)

I would definitely suggest this place for anyone who is looking for an untraditional (but high quality) spin on pizzas and pastas. It's best to make reservations; there is limited seating and it gets crowded pretty easily. Also give yourself some extra time to find parking on Wilshire. (I suck at parking. It takes me like thirty minutes, seriously.)



2723 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90403