feeling s(c)entimetal

It's really weird how scents can evoke so many memories. Maybe it's the smell of sunscreen that transports you back to a particularly great summer, or maybe the fragrance of a passerby's cologne reminds you of a previous crush. 

For me? Anytime someone strikes a match I automatically think of birthdays. And there's a certain hand soap that always makes me think of kindergarten (how's that for a throwback!). Probably the most bizarre case of scents bringing back a nostalgic moment? Ritz Crackers. On the rare occasion that I catch a sniff (and I'm pretty sure they hardly even have a scent...) of those round and buttery crackers I think about shaving my legs in 7th grade and reading Gossip Girl. Weird, right? This one sort of has an explanation: Often, after coming home from school, I would prepare a snack (usually cheese and crackers), take a bubble bath and read a book.

Since scents have this crazy way of transporting me back to happy moments, I love choosing a different one every few months. Over the summer I religiously used Bath & Body Works' Japanese Cherry Blossom. During the fall, I used it once on a whim and immediately I was hit with all of these memories of pool parties and barbecues. A few weeks back, I sprayed Victoria Secret's Love Spell Body Spray, which brought back really great memories of last spring. That's when I decided that for an upcoming trip, I should choose a new shower gel. For three days in Santa Barbara, I only used Deep Steep's Argan Oil Body Wash in Sugar Plum. It's a really distinct, sweet, and wintery scent. Now when I use it, the scent brings me right back to that trip and taking bubble baths, going to the beach and the beautiful Santa Barbara rain.

For the spring, I selected a light and airy lavender honey body wash. I can't wait to make new memories, and in a few months take a trip down memory lane. I think that picking out a new fragrance for a special occasion or season can be really fun. Just think about the nostalgic moment that can come from it. Perfumes can be a costly investment, so opt for something inexpensive, like a shower gel. (Tip: layer with body sprays, lotion or body butter for a more long-lasting effect.) 


A few s(c)entiments: