This past month of writing on this blog has been so fun, and I can't wait to share even more cool and exciting things with you. Today, I want to introduce a new series on my blog: "Posted." I hate rules and strict guidelines, so I'm not exactly sure how these are gonna work, but we'll figure it out on the way! What I do know, however, is that I'm constantly stumbling across music, photographs, websites, etc that I love to share with my friends. Why not share these same things with my readers? 

I also want to use this series as a way to keep you guys up-to-date on things that may not necessarily have to do with my other, more specific posts. Essentially, this series is just me curating random, cool shit... and sharing it. 

1.  Last Thursday, my boyfriend, Leven, dropped a new song! This was pretty exciting, considering he's been working on this project for a very long time. This track is super fun(ky) -- it's the perfect spring break jam. Careful... it's really catchy. 

Listen to C.W.Y.B. (Chillin With Yo B*tch) here

2. I'm confident that I'll be reppin' my city forever.  A USC duo filmed a bunch of landmarks (all in one day) and made a beautiful, well-done video, which is the perfect love letter to Los Angeles. From the makers: "we wanted to show everyone that it's [LA] isn't all about traffic and smog." 

3. One of my favorite radio shows to listen to is The Breakfast Club based in New York. They usually interview hip-hop celebrities like Big Sean (my favorite!), Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West. I was very surprised and taken aback when I saw that they taped a segment with Larry King. This interview was incredibly interesting and I learned so much about him. I had no idea that he's interviewed everyone from Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, and Frank Sinatra to Snoop Dogg and Chris Brown. He's done over 60,000 interviews with some of the world's most famous religious leaders, activists, celebrities, as well as  seven presidents! He's funny and sharp (especially for his age, he's 81!). It was actually really cool to hear him speak with humor and wisdom on topics, such as racism and God, on such a contemporary radio show. 

Watch him in this hilarious interview here

4. A snapshot of my beautiful (and sweet) Valentine's Day surprise (prior to the tire explosion, which I mention in my other post (here):


{Kate Spade: Cobble Hill Mini Carson}

5. And lastly? This past Sunday was my birthday, and I went out to the best birthday brunch at a restaurant that I had never been to before. Here's a short, sneak peek of an upcoming post! 

Thanks for reading! Also, let me know what you guys think of this series. I would love to hear your feedback.