twelve questions the rest of the country has for los angeles

Hey guys! After taking a much needed hiatus, I'm back! April was a crazy, emotion-filled month, so I want to jump back into things with a fun, light-hearted post. I found this post on BuzzFeed that has a dozen questions out-of-towners have for us LA inhabitants. Many of the questions are exactly the stereotypes that inspired this blog. 

1. Do you guys surf 24/7, 365? And, if not, why?
Definitely not... most of us don't even go to the beach. I do know a handful of people who enjoy surfing; however, personally, I find the whole thing such an ordeal. Waking up early, lugging a surfboard, dealing with the crowds, the cold water, wipeouts and sand up my *parts*. Not exactly my idea of a fun time. Plus, the water is pretty icky and polluted and has more of a '50 shades of gray' vibe than luscious, blue waves. 

2. Do you guys ever stop working out?
I've never worked out a day in my life. 

3. Do people ever hang out downtown? Or is it purely decorative?
Hm, I live in West L.A. and would have to say that a lot of us don't really venture downtown. I'm making a really big effort to explore it, though, since I'll be moving to New Orleans in the fall! As for whether of not DTLA is purely decorative... I don't really think so. It's a bit trashy, but there are a bunch of hidden gems.

4. How many of you survive on juice alone? And what does it cleanse?
The juice cleanse trend is real. I'm not really sure why people splurge $14 for a pressed concoction, but they do.

5. Is the traffic really that bad? If a spaceship can get to where it needs to go, traffic can't be as bad as people say, right?
Whenever I travel, I'm always soooo surprised how quickly it takes to get somewhere! The traffic is bad. I give myself at least 30 minutes to get somewhere. Always. It's definitely something you learn to deal with! 

6. How many of your neighbors are celebrities?
A variation of this question is always the first thing people ask me when I'm traveling. While none of my neighbors are celebrities, I do see them on a frequent basis, but it's really not a big deal. I go to a school where a lot of kids have famous parents, I see celebrities when I'm out at popular shopping places. Today, one of my friends saw Hilary Duff on Melrose and another friend rung up Jhene Aiko at work. It's cool.

7. How do you get any work done? Don't you spend all of your time outside fist pumping that beautiful sun?
I have to admit that I spend a majority of my time indoors and watching Netflix. However, I am making a big point this summer to spend more time outdoors. I definitely do take the weather for granted. 

8. What does the red carpet feel like? It's really soft, right? Like a baby bunny?
It's a carpet.. 

9. Do you actually consider 60 degrees 'cold'?
100%. Looking out the window right now, it looks pretty gloomy and I'm guessing it's like 63-ish. Definitely a sweater, jeans and boots kind of day and I'm not looking forward to it.

10. Where do you get your Christmas trees from?
So the picture that accompanied this question in the BuzzFeed post had like palm trees adorned with Christmas decorations.. I would have to say that's not the case! Haha, we have our Douglas Firs just like everyone else. There are forests in California. In fact, we also have mountains for skiing during the winter and lakes that freeze over. I think it's a very common misconception that LA is made up entirely of the beach. Hello.. there's the Angeles National Forest. 

11. Are you always poolside or do you stock up on #tbt pics?

12. And do you ever get overwhelmed by the size of this town?
I'm pretty used to it. I love how everything is sprawled out, because it makes each of the individual neighborhoods feel special and unique. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of huge cities where everything is crammed together, crazy and chaotic. LA is large, but it's definitely a lot more chill and laid back. If you have the chance, I highly recommend making your way to the west coast, best coast!